Scan 100 IT Assets for $99

Identifying security gaps on connected devices helps to prevent a potentially larger cyber-attack throughout your business. The Defendify Network Vulnerability Scanner leverages machine learning and advanced logic to scan your connected devices and automatically report on any security issues requiring remediation. It runs autonomously, and evolves scanning abilities based on real time changes to your network, employee behavior, or newly discovered cyber threats.

Limited Time Offer

Scan 100 internal IT assets with the Defendify Network Vulnerability Scanner for just $99 a month.

Offer Details:

  • This offer includes the Defendify Essentials Package: 3 free cybersecurity tools.
  • All pricing is in USD. Purchase requires customer agreeing to Defendify Master Services Agreement.
  • This offer to scan up to 100 IT Assets for $99/month is for a one year term, paid annually in advance. More IT assets can be added at an additional cost.
  • An IT Asset is defined as an IP enabled device, website, or web application.
  • Customers are responsible to supply a VM or physical server that meet minimum scanner requirements.
  • Call (888) 508-9221 for more details and easy sign up.
  • This offer is valid until September 30, 2020.