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Take your technology from traditional to tactical with cybersecurity protection that goes beyond standard antivirus and firewalls. Objective: Cyber-Strong.

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Your cybersecurity dashboard

Stolen Password Scanner

The Dark Web is an online underground, accessible only by special browsers, where stolen data is often sold by cybercriminals. If employee contact information and/or company data is found on the Dark Web, it’s a clear signal to take action. Defendify's Dark Web Scanning combines human and sophisticated Dark Web intelligence with search capabilities to identify, analyze and proactively monitor for your organization’s compromised or stolen employee and customer data. This way you know when a compromise might have happened and it's time to consider changing passwords.

Network Vulnerability Scanner

Your network can be the lifeline of your organization, and cybercriminals work hard to exploit weaknesses to gain unauthorized access. Defendify leverages industry leading software tools to scan your network and systems for vulnerabilities. Then we provide detailed insights through reporting so that you understand what risks to consider and determine where the critical holes are— or are likely to develop from.

Your cybersecurity dashboard
Your cybersecurity dashboard

Website Scanner

Your IT team may be managing your website, but they can’t scan for malicious activity and defend against intrusions. Defendify features comprehensive remote scanning for your website(s) which includes malware, blacklist and hack detection. If there is ever an issue, you’ll receive a notification with details, so you can review and take action.

Your cybersecurity dashboard

What is Defendify? Multiple Layers of Cybersecurity

One layer just isn't enough. Everything we do is centered around 3 key layers of cybersecurity:

  • Cyber-Solid Foundation of policies, procedures, and plans.
  • Cyber-Smart Culture of employee awareness and institutional knowledge.
  • Cyber-Strong Technology that goes beyond traditional antivirus and firewalls.
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