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  1. 5 Cybersecurity Tips for Quick Wins

    Got 5 minutes? Here are 5 easy tactics to improve your company’s cybersecurity.

    Now of course we all know that having truly strong cybersecurity isn’t as simple as flipping a switch—nothing can replace a comprehensive cybersecurity program. But every little bit helps reduce your risk of a cybersecurity incident.

    Here are 5 cybersecurity tips that include settings, habits, and policies you can update today.

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  2. To USB Or Not To USB?

    USB drives are extremely popular in business and in personal use, making it easy to store and transfer files. They’re inexpensive, portable, and can hold a ton of information in various file formats.But the cost of convenience can be high – USB drives can be used to easily transmit malicious files and put company data at risk.

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  3. Your Biggest Threat Might Be Sitting Right Next to You

    When you think “cybersecurity threat,” what comes to mind? A hoodie-clad hacker in a basement breaking into the network or an army of cyberattackers sending ransomware at other unsuspecting nations? Probably. But the truth is, many incidents can actually start from inside your customers’ organization.

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  4. Gallbladders and USB Thumb Drives: Things You Can Live Without

    This Monday I awoke at 3am with excruciating stomach pain. My wife made dinner the night before, so crying food poison wasn’t an option. I hoped it would just go away, but 5 hours later I found myself in the cozy comforts of the ER where I learned my gallbladder needed to be removed—emergency surgery! In the end, something I was using every day, that I didn’t really need, ended up causing me tremendous pain. Similar to using a USB thumb drive.

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