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  1. Do Your Users Make the Grade?

    It may be back-to-school season, but it’s far from back-to-business: you’ve been hard at work all summer working on your customers’ networks, managing their updates, and helping improve their cybersecurity posture. While it’s important to pay attention to the programs, software, and hardware you have in place, the educated provider knows that there’s more to cybersecurity than just technology. Back-to-school season is a great reminder as to the importance of end-user education and training in cybersecurity.

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  2. What Do Breaches and Beaches Have in Common?

    Summertime is prime beach season! Between the sun and sand, cybersecurity might not be the first thing on your customer’s mind. But dig a little deeper and you’ll be surprised to find that cybersecurity has a few similarities to a great trip to the beach – check out three beachy tips that can help promote a safe and cybersecure summer.

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