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  1. What’s Your Testing Frequency?

    As a cybersecurity provider, you know the importance of setting your customers up with top-notch training, services, and technology products to protect against modern threats and improve cybersecurity posture. But it can be tough to know what to evaluate – and when. So just how often should you be testing your customers’ network, systems, and people?

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  2. School’s Back But Phishing Season's Still Open

    It’s that time of year again, school’s back in session. For many, that means putting down the fishing rod and picking up the books. However, not for cybercriminals whose phishing season never ends.In a recent example, Macleans reported MacEwan University got “duped out of $11.8 million” in an apparent spear phishing incident. It’s more proof that hackers don’t discriminate, like jumping in at an opportune time for a busy school system readying for the new academic year.

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  3. How do you know you're protected?

    IT. You can’t live without them. They’re there when your darn email stops working or your laptop won’t work like it’s supposed to. They stand up antivirus and firewalls for security. They’re great to have on your side. But, just like the rest of us, they’re being torn in so many directions. And they know that checking their own work takes time, and more importantly, just isn’t good security practice.

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