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  1. Use Your Security Compass in Navigating Vendor Selection

    Accounting, project management, HR—you name it, you can (and probably do) use a software solution to manage it. All businesses rely to some extent on third-party vendors, and share a lot of sensitive data with them. If one of these companies experiences an incident or gets breached, your information could be compromised, corrupted, or stolen.

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  2. Who Needs Cybersecurity Anyway?

    You know your customers better than anyone and how important cybersecurity is to each and every one of them. All organizations have sensitive data that is valuable to cyberattackers, and that’s why it’s critical everyone – including the millions of small businesses out there – employ steps to improve their posture and reduce their risk.Speaking of critical, some sectors are often in the limelight when it comes to cybersecurity, and for good reason. Do you have customers in these key categories?

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  3. Security Business Magazine Feature: The Integrator’s Convergence to Cybersecurity

    Defendify’s article on systems integrators’ next steps towards cybersecurity was recently published in Security Business Magazine. Read our short introduction below, then check out the full article here.

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  4. Defendify Proud Supporter of NSCA’s Business & Leadership Conference

    Defendify recently sponsored and attended the National Systems Contractors Association’s (NSCA) Business & Leadership Conference (BLC). Held in Tampa, Florida February 27-March 1, 2019, the BLC provided integration firm leaders with a new level of business insight, camaraderie, and innovation, and helped them improve sales and leadership skills.

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  5. Defendify Co-Founder Featured as Keynote Speaker at TechSec Solutions New Technology Conference

    Defendify co-founder Rob Simopoulos was recently welcomed as keynote speaker at the TechSec Solutions New Technology Conference, held February 25-26 in Delray Beach, Florida where the theme was Securing a Connected World.

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  6. Women of Defendify Join Day of Shecurity Conference to Advocate for Inclusion of Women & Diversification of Cybersecurity

    Defendify is proud to announce several female team members will join the Day of Shecurity on Friday, February 22nd. Held at the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston, MA, the Day of Shecurity is a one-day, women-only conference advocating for the inclusion of women and diversification of cybersecurity.

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