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  1. Suspect the Unexpected

    A key part of staying safe in business is being on-guard for scams, attacks, and financial losses, no matter where they come from. And they do come from just about everywhere, including disguised as seemingly harmless cold calls and emails. All businesses need to keep the lights on, but unfortunately, some go about their sales in unexpected (and even misleading) ways. We’ve seen a flurry of sales and marketing tactics that we’re skeptical of lately—check out some examples and learn how to help protect your company and educate your customers.

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  2. One Compromise Not to Make

    Picture this: You’re the finance manager at a fifty-person manufacturing firm. Your best customer’s account is overdue – unusual, as they typically pay in full. Your customer, however, insists they’ve already paid and presents proof from the bank. So why didn’t you receive the payment?Business Email Compromise (BEC) has cost businesses over $12.5 billion since 2013,  and it’s a trend on the rise with a 136% increase in losses from 2016 to 2018.

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  3. Feature: Holiday Phishing Attacks

    Our article on how to identify and avoid holiday phishing attacks at work was recently published on We have included a summary and introduction in our post, but don’t miss the full article here.

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  4. Tax Season Means Hacker Hunting Season

    It’s that time of the year again where we hunker down and fill out those tax returns, then hope for a nice refund check! But before you start dreaming of buying that new TV or trying out that hot new restaurant, keep in mind tax season means hunting season for cybercriminals.

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  5. Looking for love? Don't be fooled!

    Each day, millions of people court the internet looking for more than the latest fashions, high-tech gadgets or home supplies. Instead, they are looking for love! But it can be hard to decide how much to share on an online dating site while attempting to keep privacy and security in mind.

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