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  1. Your Technology and Data Use Policy Means Online Safety

    As a small business, your top-notch employees are your most valuable asset. They keep your sales coming, your customers happy, and your business running on all cylinders.

    With proper knowledge and education, your team can also help maintain your business’ cybersecurity. The first step in nurturing their A-game is setting expectations for how they can build and support your company’s cybersecurity posture—something that requires a little thought and guidance.

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  2. To USB Or Not To USB?

    USB drives are extremely popular in business and in personal use, making it easy to store and transfer files. They’re inexpensive, portable, and can hold a ton of information in various file formats.But the cost of convenience can be high – USB drives can be used to easily transmit malicious files and put company data at risk.

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  3. A Good Referee Keeps the Game Safe

    Basketball fan or not, March Madness is a springtime staple in friendly competition. With the rise of online brackets, it can be a great way to connect with friends and family for a little fun. So, when a friend sends you a bracket invitation in the middle of the week, you probably want to check it out right away!The average worker spends six paid hours at work building their bracket, checking scores and rankings, and watching the games.

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  4. It’s Nothing Personal: Takeaways from Cyber Monday

    Cyber Monday did not disappoint this year: Americans spent a record-breaking $6.59 billion online, up 16.8% from last year.With the pressure on to snap up those deals before the end of the day, some are tempted to take a quick peek at their personal inbox or favorite shopping sites while at work. Seems harmless, but what we don’t always consider are the cybersecurity risks involved when employees use work computers for personal activities.

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