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  1. Cybersecurity, Simplified: Website Scanner

    A website scanner is an important component to a strong cybersecurity posture. Your website is your public presence on the world wide web. Any performance issues, defacement, or configuration issues can lead to a variety of problems including public distrust, brand degradation, and potential loss of revenue.

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  2. Mobile App Safety: A Quick Checklist

    New phone under the tree this year? Investing in mobile devices for your business with your 2020 budget? We store a ton of sensitive data on mobile devices, from contact information and private messages to location data, passwords, bank accounts, and business documents. You may have already started to consider cybersecurity for mobile devices in your business, but what about the apps that you use every day?

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  3. Your Biggest Threat Might Be Sitting Right Next to You

    When you think “cybersecurity threat,” what comes to mind? A hoodie-clad hacker in a basement breaking into the network or an army of cyberattackers sending ransomware at other unsuspecting nations? Probably. But the truth is, many incidents can actually start from inside your customers’ organization.

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  4. How to Secure Your Phone: Begin with a Mobile Security Mindset

    We use mobile phones for so much more than talking and texting – half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices, and there are apps for everything from social media to transportation and beyond. Mobile devices appear near-constantly in the workplace as well – but we don’t always take the time to think about what that means – especially in terms of security.

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  5. Put the Phish on ICE

    While it may be cold outside, phishing remains the hottest attack vector in business: Over 90% of all successful cyberattacks are said to start with a “phishing” email. And these attacks have become far more advanced throughout the years, with the potential to fool even the most vigilant. With this cold truth in mind, what should you be on the lookout for?

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  6. Your Computer Can't Take a Sick Day

    You may recall the old Benjamin Franklin axiom, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Well, it’s true, for you and for your computer. As flu season is upon us, we remind you to protect your business from getting a “bad cold” by paying extra attention to its immune system.

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