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  1. Don’t Toy Around: Safety-First Means Security-First

    Let it…glow? We live in a connected world, and it’s especially apparent through the holidays with so many internet-connected (IoT) children’s toys lining the shelves. We recently discussed prioritizing security with IoT devices in your home and office, and toys are no exception.As with any internet-connected devices, it’s important to keep in mind things aren’t always manufactured with top line security.

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  2. IoT Can Mean Smarter, Faster, Cheaper, and Less Secure

    The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to the network of physical products and devices that connect to the Internet. Common household IoT devices include Internet-connected thermostats, alarm systems, and televisions, and even kitchen appliances. By 2020, there will be over 30 million IoT devices worldwide.There is no doubt about it, “smart” devices have become a part of everyday life. But the thing we have to remember is: If it connects to the Internet, it has the potential to be hacked.

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  3. Security Cameras: Risk or Reward?

    Last week we shared the recent SD&I cover story about a potential ransomware attack on a security system. This brought on a number of questions about the safety of using security cameras in businesses and homes. One we often hear is, “Can hackers watch me through my cameras?” We always reply with, “Maybe, that’s why you should always be smiling!” We say that half-jokingly because the reality is, it’s certainly possible. More often though, hackers aren’t looking at you, they’re looking at your information.

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  4. SecureWorld Boston

    The Launch Team attended SecureWorld.  The show was quite packed with the top cybersecurity professionals from all over. The repeating trend was that ransomware is on the rise. 

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