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  1. Your Biggest Threat Might Be Sitting Right Next to You

    When you think “cybersecurity threat,” what comes to mind? A hoodie-clad hacker in a basement breaking into the network or an army of cyberattackers sending ransomware at other unsuspecting nations? Probably. But the truth is, many incidents can actually start from inside your customers’ organization.

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  2. Err on the Side of Human Resources

    While cybersecurity should be part of every employee’s job, some roles naturally carry more responsibility—Management and IT are two that certainly come to mind. At the same time,  so many elements of cybersecurity are truly human-centric, making it so important to consider the key role HR plays in keeping everyone safe and sound.  The masters of employee matters have a few tricks up their sleeve – so how can business leaders lean on HR to help build a effective cybersecurity program and culture?

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  3. It’s Nothing Personal: Takeaways from Cyber Monday

    Cyber Monday did not disappoint this year: Americans spent a record-breaking $6.59 billion online, up 16.8% from last year.With the pressure on to snap up those deals before the end of the day, some are tempted to take a quick peek at their personal inbox or favorite shopping sites while at work. Seems harmless, but what we don’t always consider are the cybersecurity risks involved when employees use work computers for personal activities.

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  4. Think Inside the Box

    We mostly think about cyberattacks as coming from an external source—someone or something outside the organization and, well, often outside the country. But there is something else much closer to home we really need think about. It lurks and waits, using business data every day, and it may even be sipping a latte in your conference room right now. It’s called the Insider Threat.

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