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  1. Defending Your Small Business from Cyberattacks with Rob Simopoulos

    Defendify Co-Founder Rob Simopoulos was recently interviewed by Candice Aragon of The PSA Pod, a podcast by The PSA Network that shares insights on the system integrator industry and features various guests across the industry, on tangible steps you can take to defend your small business from cyberattacks.

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  2. Feature: Cyber Insurance – What’s It All About?

    Defendify’s article on cyber insurance was recently published on Cyber insurance is no substitute for a strong cybersecurity program, but it is an important consideration for you and your customers. Read our thoughts for cybersecurity providers here, and then check out the original article on

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  3. Making Your (Cybersecurity) List, Checking It Twice

    By this time of year, Santa has nearly wrapped up his list, but have you started yours? We’re all busy and no stranger to lists when it comes to getting things done efficiently and completely. You probably have a list for your gifting, a grocery list for the big family meal, and even a to-do list of critical tasks to finish at the office before you head home for the holidays. This year, consider adding just one more list to your arsenal: A cybersecurity checklist is one quick way to see if your company’s cybersecurity program is naughty or nice.

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  4. Be Thankful You Created an Incident Response Plan

    Your Thanksgiving table is set: turkey, stuffing, and all the fixings.  After many years of experience, you know to expect the unexpected and are as prepared as can be.In business, we set the table for strong cybersecurity by having multiple layers of ongoing defense. But what we don’t always plan for is the end-of-day cleanup: in the unfortunate case of a breach or incident, how does the company respond?

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