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  1. Cybersecurity, Simplified: Stolen Password Scanning

    You’ve seen the headlines like, “New Dark Web Audit Reveals 15 Billion Stolen Logins From 100,000 Breaches,” but have you ever actually tried to find out if your password(s) are among those up for sale on the Dark Web? It’s something you want to know so that you can immediately change your passwords, and that’s exactly where a stolen password scanner comes in handy to help with preventing account takeover.

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  2. Cybersecurity With a Smile: Defendify Speaks with Local Dentists’ Group

    Defendify Co-Founder Rob Simopoulos was recently asked to discuss cybersecurity with a local group of dentists at their group meeting on Wednesday, November 20th, 2019. The group meets regularly to discuss various topics and learn from each other, and was interested in having a conversation about cybersecurity.

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  3. One Compromise Not to Make

    Picture this: You’re the finance manager at a fifty-person manufacturing firm. Your best customer’s account is overdue – unusual, as they typically pay in full. Your customer, however, insists they’ve already paid and presents proof from the bank. So why didn’t you receive the payment?Business Email Compromise (BEC) has cost businesses over $12.5 billion since 2013,  and it’s a trend on the rise with a 136% increase in losses from 2016 to 2018.

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  4. Password Hacks: Strength in Numbers (and letters and symbols)

    It’s the end of a long workday – time to head home! Pack up your things, kill the lights, and latch the front door with Velcro. Sounds ridiculous, right?We go to great lengths to prevent physical break-ins, but unfortunately, many passwords used today are about as secure as that Velcro. Understand your enemy and learn tips to create secure passphrases.

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