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Cybersecurity Resources

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Here are some tips and FAQs to get you going.

No More Ransom
What is ransomware, how to prevent it, and what should you do as a victim.
Cybersecurity Framework - Frequently Asked Questions (NIST)
Learn about NIST’s Framework and how it applies to your business.
Small Business Tip Card (DHS)
Key components of security that all small businesses should keep in mind.
Top Ten Cybersecurity Tips (SBA)
Actionable tips on how to protect your data.
Cybersecurity Glossary of Terms
The terminology you should be familiar with while building your security posture.
Defendify's Remote Workforce Cybersecurity Checklist
Simplified checklist to tackle work from home (WFH) cybersecurity considerations.
Ten Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses (FCC)
Quick tips to get you thinking about the basics of information security.
Frequently Asked Cybersecurity Questions
Straightforward answers to a handful of cybersecurity questions we hear often.

Evaluate Your Business Readiness

Identify your status and priorities.

NIST: Small Business Cybersecurity Corner
Realizing and articulating the business case for strong cybersecurity.
Federal Trade Commission: Privacy and Security
Ensure that your business complies with these American security regulations.
Customizable Small Biz Cyber Planner 2.0 (FCC)
A planning tool for auditing your current infrastructure and policies.
Cyber Security Planning Guide
A planning tool for auditing your current infrastructure and policies.
Internet Security Essentials for Business 2.0 (U.S. Chamber of Commerce)
The common threats facing small businesses and how to combat them.
National Cyber Security Alliance:
A wealth of easy-to-understand information dedicated to online safety for individuals and businesses.
NIST Cybersecurity Framework
How do you stack up against the nation’s infrastructure standards?
NICE Framework Mapping Tool
Input your organization’s behavior to compare against the NICE Framework.
SMB Critical Infrastructure Road Map (Homeland Security)
A simplified roadmap of resources for assessing and remediating risk.

Employ a Cybersecurity Program

Dive into the tools, training, and programs available to strengthen your business.

Department of Homeland Security: Stop.Think.Connect.
An awareness campaign and toolkit empowering secure internet users.
Small Business Administration: Cybersecurity for Small Businesses Course
A brief course on securing your business’s information.
Global Cyber Alliance Small Business Toolkit
A toolkit tailored for immediate action in reducing risk.
Cyber Readiness Institute
A readiness program of expertise and tools to build organizational resilience.
A cybersecurity and IT video learning program for individuals and businesses.