Cybersecurity Detection & Response Tools from Defendify


Detection & Response

Keep aware and ahead of cybersecurity threats and incidents with active monitoring, detection, containment, and response.

Breach Detection & Response

Cybercrime requires cyber alarm systems to monitor, alert, and stop digital criminals and malware in their tracks. That’s why 24/7 detection and response is key to a strong cybersecurity posture for every small and midsized business. Defendify combines cutting-edge technology with leading cybersecurity experts to actively observe systems for anomalies and respond in real-time to contain attacks. This prevents the spread of an attack while mitigating risks like downtime, loss of intellectual property, theft of data, or being forced to pay ransom.

Incident Response Plan Builder

It is virtually impossible to protect against every possible threat all the time, online or offline. That's why best practices recommend having a solid plan in place to take action and mitigate damage in the unfortunate case of a breach or incident. Defendify’s simple tool helps you build your plan, clearly detailing how to respond in the case of a security incident, including what steps need to be taken, when they need to happen, and who takes responsibility for what.

Threat Alerts System

Warnings can be tough to keep up with. It all starts with just knowing more—that's just what Defendify does for you. With Defendify, you'll receive email alerts and notifications about new incidents, attacks, and more that could affect your business. The more informed you are, the better position you'll be in.

Jim DeStefano | Sr. Vice President @ Unlimited Technology, Inc.

Why Defendify?

"For us, it's been a conversation about what the risks are, and what are you doing to control the risks..."

Jim DeStefano | Sr. Vice President @ Unlimited Technology, Inc.

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