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  1. Cybersecurity, Simplified: Vulnerability Scanning

    While unearthing a vulnerability isn’t something anyone wants to hear, it’s something business owners, IT resources, and cybersecurity providers need to know about sooner, not later. The good news is, there is an easy way to detect vulnerabilities in your networks and web applications: Run vulnerability scans.

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  2. Cybersecurity, Simplified: Cybersecurity Assessments

    One of the things we hear from many business owners and even some IT folks is, “I don’t know where our cybersecurity stands. Are we good? Bad? Do we have holes? How do we know where to start?” A cybersecurity assessment is an easy way to begin to answer all these questions and more–some you probably didn’t even know you had.

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  3. Coronavirus Spread Got You Working From Home? Think Cybersecurity-First

    With many small businesses suddenly shifting to a work-from-home (WFH) model due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, there’s no denying that change is afoot. From process to productivity and communication to culture, businesses have found themselves examining many areas of their operations to keep up.

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  4. Avoiding COVID-19/Coronavirus Phishing Attacks

    Cybersecurity might not be the first thing on your mind as you navigate your business through the current COVID-19 situation, but unfortunately, cybersecurity threats aren’t slowing down.

    Cyberattackers have long been taking advantage of uncertain times to craft convincing (and dangerous) phishing emails, and predictably, we’ve started to see an increase in Coronavirus-related phishing attacks targeting small businesses.

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  5. Website Protection is Reputation Protection

    Picture this: You’re visiting a prospective business partner to learn more about them, but when you show up, it’s a bad scene. The building was broken into, the alarm is sounding, and there’s graffiti on the walls. Doesn’t make you feel great about the business, does it?

    Now how would you feel if someone had a similar experience on your website?

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  6. Defendify Turns NSCA BLC Attendees into Cyber-Superheroes

    Defendify sponsored and attended the National Systems Contractors Association’s (NSCA) 22nd annual Business and Leadership Conference (BLC), held in Irving, Texas on February 26-28, 2020. This year’s theme was “Creating Loyal Clients, Passionate Employees, and Profitable Business.”

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