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  1. Simple Tips to Securing Business Data While Working at Home

    COVID-19 had pushed many companies toward a work-from-home model. As cyberattacks have become more sophisticated, what can organizations with a wide remote workforce, but no IT security team do to protect sensitive data being accessed outside of the network?

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  2. Know Where You Stand: Building a Cyber-Strong Foundation

    How confident are you that your company has a truly cyber-strong foundation that arms your organization with policies, procedures, and plans in case of a cyber incident?

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  3. Know Where You Stand: Building a Cyber-Smart Culture

    Having a cyber-smart culture means an organization is continuously working to build a general understanding of cybersecurity and awareness of cyber threats. Here are some tips to know where you stand, and how to build a culture of Cyber-Defenders.

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  4. The Legal Side of Cybersecurity: How MSPs and Integrators Can Protect Themselves

    Cybercriminal tactics are becoming more sophisticated, increasing the risk of a cyberattack for organizations of all sizes. But what happens, from a legal sense, when a cyber breach occurs to you or your client?

    Defendify interviews Sid Bose, Data Security and Privacy Lawyer for Ice Miller, on how Managed Service Providers (MSP) and Integrators can better protect themselves against potential legal issues arising from a cyber incident.

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  5. As Demand Increases for Cybersecurity, Defendify Innovates and Expands

    Cybercriminals have leveraged the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, deploying a record number of cyber attacks impacting organizations of all sizes. Defendify has been answering the demand for more robust cybersecurity, adding new tools, and thousands of user accounts across 18 countries.

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  6. Knowing Who Has the Keys to Your Data

    With cyber threats evolving, many organizations may have been breached by a cyber attack and not know it, meaning, that their undetected cyber breach could spread to any of your integrated systems, applications or devices. Here’s what you can do…

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