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  1. Understanding Cybersecurity from a Legal Perspective

    As cyber threats become more complex, so do the legal ramifications surrounding a cyber breach. Data security and privacy attorney, Sid Bose, provides best practices to how you can legally protect yourself.

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  2. Knowing the ABC’s of Cybersecurity: Strategies to build a strong cyber-posture

    Security veteran, Rob Simopoulos, breaks down how cyber threats have evolved, what security vulnerabilities to look out for, and simple steps that both business Leaders and IT managers can take to build a comprehensive cybersecurity program across their entire organization.

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  3. Breach Detection & Response added to Defendify's all-in-one cybersecurity platform

    Cyberattacks are constantly evolving and often cannot be prevented with traditional tools such as antivirus and firewalls. Today’s cybercrime requires cyber alarm systems to detect, alert, and stop digital criminals in their tracks, making 24/7 detection and response key to a strong cybersecurity posture for every non-enterprise organization.

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  4. Cybersecurity, Simplified: Breach Detection & Response

    Many of the same cyber threats that attack larger organizations are also targeting small and mid-sized businesses, non-enterprise companies. Luckily, breach detection technology and the means to immediately respond have evolved so that non-enterprise companies with limited resources can have the ability to immediately discover cyber threats and take action to reduce the risk of further damage.

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  5. Cybersecurity, Simplified: Cybersecurity Awareness Posters

    Cybersecurity awareness posters help to build a cyber-smart culture. They are an easy and effective way to keep cybersecurity best practices top of mind in the workplace.

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  6. What Small and Mid-Sized Business Owners Need to Know About Cybersecurity

    Defendify Co-Founder Rob Simopoulos was recently interviewed by Rich Brooks and Yury Nabokov on the podcast Fast Forward Maine about what small and mid-sized businesses need to know about cybersecurity and what steps can be taken to strengthen your cybersecurity posture.

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