Cybersecurity and EOS®

For the thousands of companies running their business on the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®), thinking about cybersecurity in those terms can make it understandable and attainable. For example:

  • Establishing cybersecurity Rocks
  • Placing cybersecurity in the Accountability Chart
  • Understanding what’s sensitive in the Data Component™
  • Tracking key cybersecurity metrics in an EOS Scorecard™
  • Making cybersecurity part of the Marketing Strategy

Cybersecurity is a posture, not a project. It needs to be prioritized, promoted, maintained and continuously improved. Defendify is a holistic platform that makes building and managing cybersecurity foundation, culture, and technology simple and achievable.

Defendify - Cybersecurity - For EOS Implementers®?
Helping EOS Implementers®

Cybersecurity is a topic that touches just about every aspect of a business. Finding the right place (think Accountability Chart and EOS Scorecard™) and priority (think Rocks and Data Component™) is part of the challenge. With a strong cybersecurity program in place, it can be a real advantage (think healthy and Marketing Strategy). Defendify simplifies cybersecurity, for you and for your clients.

Defendify - Cybersecurity - For EOS Companies®
Helping EOS Companies®

Just like you would with a computer operating system, it’s important to protect your business and the operating system it runs on. With 12 cybersecurity tools in one single pane of glass, Defendify makes that a reality, providing ongoing cybersecurity that is simple, affordable, and scalable. You can even get started today, for free. We’re always here to help, just let us know how.

Please note, Defendify is not officially a part of, partner to, or endorsed by EOS Worldwide. We just know it’s a great fit for anyone who is Running on EOS™ and Running on Traction™! How do we know that? Our company is powered by the Entrepreneurial Operating System® to encourage focus, discipline, and accountability in our team.