All employees should engage in regular cybersecurity awareness training that cover all aspects of cybersecurity topics, from phishing attacks, to password health, to different kinds of fraud. And by all employees, we do mean executives as well. In fact, in a recent IDG report, 55% of security administrators stated their executives were most in need of cybersecurity training.

Defendify makes it easy to provide cybersecurity training through 30 to 60 minute videos presented by cybersecurity experts in a classroom webinar setting.

Regular training to build cyber-smarts

While it is important to furnish your employees with corporate policies upon new employee onboarding, cybersecurity training should be an ongoing part of every employee’s job — not a one-time task. Your IT administrators and/or HR representatives can collaborate around the ideal frequency of testing based on your company’s cybersecurity risk profile and your employees’ regular workloads and responsibilities.

Cybersecurity quizzes to improve retention

According to a recent study, 66% of companies who offer any regular cybersecurity training report a significant decrease in cyber-related incidents. Defendify cybersecurity awareness training webinars include short quizzes to not only help you measure employee progress against cybersecurity awareness goals, but also will help your employees retain more information — which means they will be more likely to take the appropriate actions to keep your company safe.