Awareness Training Videos

Awareness Training Videos from Defendify keep cybersecurity best practices top of mind through a series of fun and engaging short (under 5 minutes) videos sent directly to employees. Each month, Defendify delivers new video content that addresses current cybersecurity threats, trends, topics, and stories, including how employees can stay vigilant to help protect the business. Employees are presented with a short multiple-choice quiz at the end of each video to support knowledge retention and gauge understanding.

Keep cybersecurity top of everyone’s mind
Keep cybersecurity top of everyone’s mind

As cyber-threats evolve, relying on one-off cybersecurity awareness training is not enough for employees to know what to watch for, or how to act in case of a breach or cyber incident. Defendify Awareness Training Videos are designed to be fun and memorable, providing each employee with a short assessment quiz to ensure understanding. Administrators will receive a report with employee scorecards that show who completed the training video and who had passed the knowledge assessment quiz.

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Simple, engaging, monthly cybersecurity training

To ensure your team builds a strong posture against emerging cyber-threats, management and IT leaders should make cybersecurity awareness training an ongoing process. Defendify makes it easy by sending new cybersecurity awareness content that covers a variety of topics (e.g. proper password use, phishing, ransomware) to help educate your employees each month.